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Learn more about the stars of Guten Morgen Deutschland!

Hattenschweiler Krauftenberg
AKA: Senor Krauftenbergo, Rappin' K-Berg

Krauftenberg is the host of Guten Morgen Deutschland, and an accomplished entertainer. More importantly, he is Fuhrer's right hand man (or reich hand man, if you like). He likes fritz.

Favourite Quote: "Deutschland ist strong, STRONG LIKE BULL!"


AKA: Fuhrer

The self proclaimed leader of Deutschland, Fuhrer will do ANYTHING to hold on to his pride and power. He wants to make Deutschland a better place, but he is too lazy, so he either steals from the cultures of other countries, or assigns Krauftenberg or Hans to steal from other countries.

Favourite Quote: "Shut up Lebanpfoffen!"


Dusseldorf Spitzelpfoffen
The former host of "Hoosen, Deutschland Hoosen!", Dusseldorf quit that position to come and work for Adolf, because Adolf is good, good like bull! (Dusseldorf's Note: They threatened to shoot me). So now, Dusseldorf is Krauftenberg's right hand man, and appears on "Guten Morgen Deutschland." He already does not like Lebanpfoffen, but then again, who does?
(Lebanpfoffen's Note: I like Lebanpfoffen!"

Favourite Quote: "Dusseldorf Spitzelpfoffen Beer: Stronger than Fritz."


AKA: Disco Hans

Hans is probably the smartest member of the Deutschland governent. While he has done many things to help out the country, his greatest acheivement in Fuhrer's eyes is figuring out that every name Lebanpfoffen has is 'Lebanpfoffen'.


Lebanpfoffen Lebanpfoffen Lebanpfoffen
Lebanpfoffen is the joke of many of his colleagues. He is paranoid, gullible, and easily fooled. His worst enemy is Bill, who he met at a conference regarding the future of McFuhrers (Deutschland fast food). Lebanpfoffen believes that Bill is a spy, because Bill refuses to talk to Lebanpfoffen, and therefore Lebanpfoffen thinks Bill doesn't have a Deutschland accent, and is not from Deutschland. However, everyone else has heard Bill speak, and reassures Lebanpfoffen that Bill is definetly from Deutschland, even though he mysteriously appereared one day.

Hans revealed that Lebanpfoffen has three names, which are all Lebanpfoffen. Before this, Lebanpfoffen only had one name, which suprisingly enough, was Lebanpfoffen.

Favourite Quote: "But mein fuhrer, I have never, NEVER seen Bill before!"


Bill never speaks to Krauftenberg, he only waves to him. Other than that, not much else is known about this mysterious character, other than that he suddenly appeared at a McFuhrers conference.


Lunkenhausen is Fuhrer's hired goon.

Favourite Quote: "You know, und short fat man with little mustachehausen has a point....oh, das is you, Adolf - nevermind..."


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