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Krauftenberg's Kommentary for June

Guten Morgen! Some of you have been saying "it is about time you updated site, Krauftenberg." However, nobody is saying this anymore, for everyone zat did say it has been shot! So vat has everybody's favourite Deutschland celebrity been up to since December? Allow Krauftenberg to explain!
I had a very enjoyable new years! To celebrate this 2002th year of und Fuhrer, Hans and I went to kill enemies of the Reich duck hunting! We brought back 60 communists ducks und stole a clock from a swiss farmer (we didn't get his army knife though - schissenheimer!)
Adolf und I travelled to Munich to shoot a commercial for ze newest Volkswagen! Of course, by shoot, I mean film! However, we did shoot ze pesky Volvo executive who happened to be there!
Note to Lebanpfoffen: Here is where you put in ze fake kommentary.
Note: What follows is text transcript of conversation with Lebanpfoffen.
"Lebanpfoffen! Did you update und site as instructed?"

"Nein, Krauftenberg! I was eating mein bratwurst!"
"Damn it Lebanpfoffen! Ze site is ze will of Fuhrer!"
"Schissenheimer! Really?!"
"Well, nein."
"Lying is not reich, Krauftenberg!"
"Shut up Lebanpfoffen!"

- Hattenschweiler Krauftenberg

NOTE: This site, and the ideas of the site, are purely for fun, and entirely fictitious. The concept of Guten Morgen Deutschland, and the website version of GMD, was thought up to poke fun at Nazi Germany. Therefore, you should not be offended by this site, unless you are a nazi. And if you are a nazi, a little constructive criticism can't hurt. Note that there is not really a show called Guten Morgen Deutschland...

All original content found on this site is copyrighted, 2001. Any borrowed audio, visuals, or other material is copyrighted to the respective owners, and Guten Morgen Deutschland makes no claim of ownership to any borrowed material, and uses the material solely for entertainment purposes.

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