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Welcome to ze archives of Krauftenberg's Kommentary Korner (not affiliated with ze KKK). Feel free to read all of Krauftenberg's previous kommentaries.

Krauftenberg's Kommentary for December

Guten Morgen! As you can see, Guten Morgen Deutschland (GMD) has got ze super schnazzy makeover treatment! Thankyou to Hans, who redesigned most of ze site. Now, there ist much more information available to all who see ze site! There ist und dictionary of Deutschland terms, updated profiles of ze stars, new pictures scatters around ze site, updated multimedia, und much, much more.

Vell, its coming up to Christmas here in Deutschland, und probably in ze rest of ze world too. Vot better way to shower your loved ones in love then to give them ze present from Guten Morgen Deutschland. Krauftenberg suggests a gift of food, so zat they will get fattened up. "A fat population ist lazy und easily controlled" - Adolf.

For mein own present, I am hoping for new Volkswagen! Lebanpfoffen, take note of zis if you are wanting to keep ze job!

Vell, zat's all I need to say for now - why waste your time reading ze commentary when ze all new GMD site is ready to be explored?

Oh, und post your comments und so forth on ze forum. It is ze will of Fuhrer.