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Guten Morgen Deutschland Multimedia: Good Like Bull!
All multimedia is in ze mp3 format. Except of course for ze flash movies. To put ze movies in mp3 format would be und act of Lebanpfoffen.

Things which are funny und are songs!

Strong Like Bull (Fuhrer is good)
1.1 MB, 2:30

1.44MB, 1:44

The Reich Stuff
1.25MB, 1:33

Disco Hans
1MB, 1:12

Disco Hans Flash Movie

Disco Hans Rappin' Remix
1.17MB, 1:25

Disco Hans Bonus Song
666KB, 0:48

Mein Fuhrer, Agent 00Nein
2MB, 2:11

The Real Hattenschweiler Krauftenberg
1.1MB, 1:21

Things which are funny und not songs!

1.5MB, 3:40

1.14MB, 2:25

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