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Pfloffenknocken! What is Hoosen, Deutschland, Hoosen!?

Hoosen, Deutschland, Hoosen (HDH) is the "other" morning show on weekends, and is in direct competition with Guten Morgen Deutschland. Hosted by Dusseldorf Spitzelpfoffen, HDH may not have the official support from Fuhrer that GMD does, but all the members and viewers of HDH admit that our show is better, even if we do steal many things from Hattenschweiler Krauftenberg.

Tune in from 8am to 10am, Saturdays and Sundays on DCN (Deutschland Comedy Network). See Spitzelpfoffen and friends put on a MUCH better show that Krauftenberg and 'friends'.

We may not have Krauftenberg's popular songs, or Bill, but we have many other good things, which are not good like bull, but good like baloneyhausen!

This site features a fair amount of informationhoosen, and will soon have a PICTURE SECTION, which Guten Morgen Deutschland does NOT have!

NOTE: This site, and the ideas of the site, are purely for fun, and entirely fictitious. The concepts on this site, and related sites, were thought up to poke fun at Nazi Germany. Therefore, you should not be offended by this site, unless you are a nazi. And if you are a nazi, a little constructive criticism can't hurt. Note that there is not really a show called Hoosen, Deutschland, Hoosen!...

Also, my knowledge of the german language is somewhat impotent. Please do not complain that I use words that do not belong where I put them, or that I make up deutschland words. If you do this, you are stupid, stupid like und french bull!

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Updated Dec 22, 2000.