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Pfefferhoosen! What is Guten Morgen Deutschland?

Guten Morgen Deutschland (GMD) is the top rated morning show on weekends, hosted by Hattenschweiler Krauftenberg. GMD provides a real-life, behind the scenes look at life in Deutschland. Nothing is censored or edited, so tune in from 8am to 10am, Saturdays and Sundays on the DBC (Deutschland Broadcasting Corporation) network. See the many bungles of Fuhrer and his team of 'expert' advisors, as they attempt to run a nation. Apart from a behind the scenes look at politics in Deutschland, GMD also features a news report, with interesting items on Deutschland, Krauftenberg's Komedy Korner (not affiliated with KKK), advertisements, propaganda, and one of the feature attractions of the show, the debut of a Hattenschweiler Krauftenberg song.

Krauftenberg's songs are known all across Deutschland, and have given the show the popularity it deserves.

This site features many of those songs, sound clips from GMD, terminology of Fuhrer's strange language, a map of Deutschland, and several other features.

NOTE: This site, and the ideas of the site, are purely for fun, and entirely fictitious. The concept of Guten Morgen Deutschland, and the website version of GMD, was thought up to poke fun at Nazi Germany. Therefore, you should not be offended by this site, unless you are a nazi. And if you are a nazi, a little constructive criticism can't hurt. Note that there is not really a show called Guten Morgen Deutschland...

Also, my knowledge of the german language is somewhat impotent. Please do not complain that I use words that do not belong where I put them, or that I make up deutschland words. If you do this, you are stupid, stupid like und french bull!

Please visit und WebCounter for your own free counterhausen. Counterhausen is good, GOOD LIKE BULL!

- Hans has redesigned und GMD website. Danke Hans!

- Season two ist drawing to und end!

- Krauftenberg has released Yellow Schnapperhausen.

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Updated Dec 6, 2000.